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Protecting data and students

Studium takes student data security very seriously. That’s why we employ both software- and network-level security infrastructure to encrypt, store, and transmit your institutional data.

We take the necessary precautions (and then some), so you can be sure your student data is (and remains) in good hands.

AWS Partnership

We partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring you secure, stable, and scalable solutions.


data security
Best-in-class data security

To ensure the privacy and security of your data and safeguard your campus community with the utmost care and compliance, we use and follow TLS/SSL protocols, 256-bit AES data encryption, API call-level authentication, and modern DDoS mitigation controls.

And for added piece-of-mind, we also offer the opportunity for institutions to own their AWS KMS encryption keys.

What’s more? We never store student data on our computer servers, provisioning them specifically to only one university at a time.

encrypted data
Student-controlled encrypted data

Using encrypted FERPA-compliant systems within the AWS ecosystem, we do our best to safeguard students and their information throughout their college experience.

Our simple app settings give your students full control over which aspects of their profile are visible and saved with the opportunity to opt out at any time.

Fully FERPA 
Fully FERPA compliant

Studium partners with leading privacy experts and security firms to lead the industry in responsible data protection.

Fully ADA 
Fully ADA Compliant

In order to align with our goal of creating user-friendly products, we took the necessary steps to ensure our platform is fully ADA compliant… and then we went a step further.

Secure single 
Secure single sign-on

We actively partner with the IT teams at your institution to provision, configure, and support single sign-on (SSO) options to ensure your students and staff can enjoy safe access to the platform from any secure device.