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Redefine your student experience

Streamline your managerial workflows and gain deeper insights into your students’ organizations, events, and overall success.

With our platform, you can now:

Gain visibility

Studium gives you real-time insights into student engagement, event attendance, and student organizations, so your staff can gain true visibility into students and their campus experiences.

Gain visibility

Follow conversations and updates

Your administrative staff need the ability for notifications and updates, application conversation threads, activity logs, and direct and group messaging, but they also need them all housed in one seamless app. Luckily, under the collaborative functions of the Manage dashboard, they now have just that.

Follow conversations and updates

Measure and analyze

Your staff should work collectively towards individual student success, as well as overall campus organization growth, so we provide you with the streamlined management tools necessary for a holistic understanding of your campus community.

Thanks to our various analysis capabilities, you can now gain major insights on:

  • Event Engagement Attendance

    Event Engagement Attendance

  • Organization and Event Trends

    Organization and Event Trends

  • Member Rosters

    Member Rosters

  • User Envolvement, and attendace demographics

    User Envolvement, and attendace demographics

  • Organization activity

    Organization activity

Deliver tailored student opportunities

“I spend a lot of my time sitting with students trying to help them find organizations and events on campus that they’d be interested in.”

We bridge the gap between campus life and students by allowing your institution to align recruitment and promotion efforts with customized student profiles.

Students then see content most relevant to their demographics, personal interests, involvement, and academic track. Which means they feel more in-line with and engage more in campus life.

Deliver tailored 
student opportunities

Mass Outreach

Our partnerships with Twilio and Sendgrid allow us to offer fast, securable outreach across the campus community via SMS and email.


Make inefficient management processes a thing of the past

With Studium you can manage organization registration, event planning, finance, student rosters, and communication channels from one simple, digestible dashboard.

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