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We help redefine education by breaking down the barriers to student involvement through targeted opportunities and tailored content, so students can freely engage with one of the most rewarding elements of the college experience — student life.

How to Improve the Student Experience… The Studium Way

Centralize Campus Resources

“We use so many apps to stay engaged with campus. It would be nice if we had a single resource that centralized all of that.”

A surefire first step to overall campus improvement is to centralize university resources and streamline information, so students have a singular access point to their campus community.

This ensures that students have all the information they need, when they need it most, boosting student-to-student, student-to-faculty, and student-to-campus interaction.

Campus Resources

Build Peer and Organization Networks

“I spend a lot of my time sitting with students trying to help them find organizations and events on campus that they’d be interested in.”

Need help enriching students’ campus lifes, networks, and new relationships?

With Connect, you can now expose students directly to other peers with similar interests, involvements, and academic tracks and organizations relevant to their passions.

Build Peer and Organization Networks

A one-stop-shop for Involvement

Discover Opportunity

Discover Opportunity

Students want to get involved, but many find themselves lost when it comes to finding on-campus events and the “right” student organizations.

Studium provides a one-stop-shop for involvement, centralizing resources so students can find (and participate in) the events and organizations that spark their interest.

Foster Discussion

Foster Discussion

In order to spark engagement and involvement, your students need to stay up-to-date on campus news and events, but they also need to be able to share their unique voice with their campus community. And now, thanks to Connect’s individual and group messaging, as well as personalized social feeds, you can give them the opportunity to do both.

Receive Campus Alerts

Receive Campus Alerts

A singular access point to all of campus activity also allows for immediate alerts from the university to students.

Say goodbye to hoping your message made it out to the campus population. With Studium, you can ensure your alert is up-front and center across your institution.

Support for those 
who need it most

Support for those who need it most

College can be overwhelming. That’s why we help you cultivate a community-like environment from the start, giving an early touchpoint for those who might need a helping hand, like international, first-generation, transfer, commuter and first-year students.

Early, seamless involvement

With Studium, engagement starts upon enrollment. Students can then build out expansive networks of like-minded peers and discover all of the great opportunities your institution has to offer... before their first semester has even begun.

This means more students find their place on campus and are set up for a successful first semester, so you can minimize your chance of summer-melt and first-year attrition.

Early, seamless involvement

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